From Our Rooted Legacy

Towards Promising Horizons


Riyadh Development Company (ARDCO) was established by Royal Decree No. (M/2) in 1994 as a joint-stock company as per King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s guidance and vision, during his time in office as the Governor of Riyadh. Our first mandate was to develop the Qasr AlHukm area in central Riyadh.

Proudly under his leadership as the first honorary chairman of the company’s board of directors, we were able to progress and become a cornerstone of Riyadh’s real estate development and investment sectors, developing some of Riyadh’s landmark assets in public good services, transportation, car auctions, and many more over the decades.

Since our inception, we have been operating on a philosophy focused on improving the quality of life for our citizens, vendors, and consumers, while also maximizing shareholder return for all involved. Essentially, doing well by doing good.


We strive to be the sustainable partner of choice to cultivate urban development and elevate human welfare, building on Riyadh’s legacy towards promising horizons.


We strive for excellence in real estate development and management, and to strengthen our pioneering position in the fresh produce and public good services sector. We are committed to enhancing our operational efficiency in our operating businesses and aim to diversify our investments, increasing returns on our assets, and maximizing total shareholder return. We will operate within a business philosophy that seeks to create impact all around us and achieve sustainability in its broadest sense, for the benefit of everyone across our value chain, including our customers, colleagues, partners and shareholders.



to continuously deliver the highest levels of quality.


to become the partner of choice for our investors and stakeholders.


in our business to improve our efficiency and capitalize on key opportunities.


to become a benchmark for success and innovation in our sectors.


with our partners and stakeholders to maximize the return for all involved.


to become innovators and pioneers in our sectors.