Our Sectors

Our Sectors

Given the fast-moving nature of Riyadh’s booming economy, investment opportunities are already emerging in various corners of the real estate sector and beyond. Riyadh Development Company operates in four key sectors in order to maintain financial sustainability and to build a diversified portfolio in real estate and operation, as well as balance its risk-return ratio. The sectors are as follows:

Our Sectors

Real Estate Development & Development Management

Riyadh’s future sees it becoming one of the largest growing cities in the world, as projections indicate that the population may reach 17.8 million people by the year 2030. This population growth will be accompanied by opportunities for growth in several sectors, most notably real estate, and accordingly the company will place a high importance to its involvement in real estate development and development management for the following sectors:

▸  Residential Real Estate

▸  Business Real Estate

▸  Logistics Real Estate

▸  Educational Real Estate

Public Good Services Markets

Riyadh Development Company owns many historical, well-known markets in Riyadh, including Uteiqah Markets, AlTameer Wholesale Market, and AlAziziah Central Market. AlAziziah Central Market is considered to be the largest central market in the Middle East, serving a large portion of the population and businesses within the capital, as well as many other cities in the Kingdom.

Car Auction

Riyadh Development Company has carved for itself a strong position in the car auction market in Riyadh. Through AlTameer International Car Auction, ARDCO provides solutions for many consumers and financial institutions that rely on the auction to list and sell vehicles efficiently and effectively. The company has adopted pioneering global practices and an approach that enables it to efficiently develop its operations in this vital sector.

Financial Investment

Considering the rapid development witnessed around the globe as well as the emergence of modern business models, the company’s new strategy includes the exploration and capitalization of key financial investments, allowing the company to invest in technology enabling financial innovation – FinTech, modern real estate technologies – Prop Tech, and modern agricultural and food technologies – AgriTech. This provides Riyadh Development Company with a key competitive advantage in the market and bolsters and supports its business model for its main sectors against the competition.