Our Strategy

ARDCO anticipates a brilliant future for Riyadh, and, as such, presents a new, innovative approach to real estate development and operation that is not only well-suited for the Kingdom’s economic transformation, but also entrenches ARDCO’s position as a leader and key enabler in the city of Riyadh. Drawing on unshakable values and a heritage that shines through its transformative projects and investments, ARDCO seeks to offer an authentic example of creating impact, supporting the national economy, and achieving sustainable growth.


Built around a vision towards achieving sustainable financial revenues for investors, the company’s strategy revolves around diversifying the company’s sources of revenue in leasing, operation, real estate development, and real estate management, in addition to investments in pertinent strategic sectors and leveraging ARDCO’s leading position in the fresh produce and public-access marketplaces.


We strive to be the sustainable partner of choice to cultivate urban development and elevate human welfare, building on Riyadh’s legacy towards promising horizons.


As the business models across our company’s sectors mature, Riyadh Development Company aims to shift towards a holding company model in order to better adopt the company’s vision and make it a tangible reality through:

Instilling a culture of innovation

by studying modern business models, embracing forward thinking principles and instilling best practices throughout the company.

Building capabilities

in order to become the best in our field through productive, sustainable partnerships with local and global leaders.

Sustainable development

through operating as a developer and stakeholder to create impact, offer added value to its sectors, and empower its business using technology, ultimately creating a business model that promotes good governance as well as environmental and financial sustainability.


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Company Outlook


In order to achieve great results through the strategy, ARDCO has pinpointed 45 initiatives to propel the strategy through three phases:

Phase 1

Upgrade current operational performance through 20 initiatives, to be implemented within one to two years.

Phase 2

Grow and diversify the company’s investment portfolio in targeted sectors through 15 initiatives, to be implemented within two to three years.

Phase 3

Sustainable growth and exploring more promising opportunities through 10 initiatives implemented over three or more years